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I’m not that great when it comes to asking for things. If I can do it on my own, I probably will. This probably makes me a little stubborn or unnecessarily independent, but it’s just part of my personality.

This past week, I posted a fundraiser to my Facebook page. I’m trying to raise $2,000 for my “Friend in California”, who I wrote about in my last blog post.

Since then, I’ve explained on my Facebook page that she doesn’t actually live in California, she just wanted me to protect her identity. I wish she did live in California, because several of my west coast friends reached out, offering to help. In addition, several other friends suggested that I create a fundraising page, and although the idea initially made me uncomfortable, I decided to go ahead with it, because really, this situation isn’t about me.

Let me explain the intent behind my $2,000 fundraising goal. Good trauma treatment is expensive. And while I know that she ultimately needs residential/inpatient treatment if she wants the rest of her life to be manageable and fulfilling, right now she needs help to keep her alive long enough to explore her long term treatment options. I’m fundraising to cover the costs of therapy sessions, which i hope she will schedule within the next several days. I’ve given her four referrals closer to where she lives, and asked her to schedule the first available appointment. I encouraged her to bring up sliding scale fees, and reassured her that I will cover the cost of the session. Which I can now do for about 8+ sessions, thank to the unbelievable generous donations I’ve received so far.

At $2,000, I should be able to give her least twenty quality therapy sessions. I don’t know what will happen after that, but I think that twenty hour-long sessions with a trauma therapist should help her figure out her next steps. Although I am a therapist myself, this relationship is a friendship to me, and I would never cross that boundary, because it’s not ethical. As a rule, I never “therapize” my friends, and I don’t intend to start doing that now.

If she needs less than the $2,000, which would be amazing, I will use the leftover money to help other friends who are in frighteningly similar situations. There are too many struggling like her. I know there are organizations out there which fund treatment and offer support and I applaud those organizations for their hard work and the help that they offer. However, I’m choosing to help my friend in this way because she is neither clear-headed enough to seek out the support of these organizations, nor does she have the luxury of time, which may be a requirement for organizations that help many, many people.

I want to give her quality help, right now, and this is already in progress. Any donation from you will further make this effort a reality. I thank you in advance for caring enough to read this, and even if a monetary donation isn’t feasible for you right now, I ask that you share this via social media.

Thank you for caring about someone who was never taught to care about herself.

You can find the fundraiser here: Click Here

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Shoshana is an author and social worker living in South Jersey. She works primarily with teenagers and has mostly worked in urban environments. In her spare time, she can be found rock climbing and drinking iced coffee, occasionally at the same time.
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