BDS 1 — Reality 0

The Argentinian football (soccer) team have cancelled their game against Israel that was due to take place this weekend in Jerusalem. BDS supporters may be raising a glass of malbec to celebrate.

Will it change the the status of the Middle East situation at all? Unlikely.

Will Israelis that were due to attend the match feel disappointed, bitter, upset or angry? Probably.

Are most of those Israelis to blame for the situation in the Middle East. No.

Who is to blame? It’s complicated and everyone has a different opinion, I won’t bore you with mine.*

Why? Because, it’s a game of football. Of course it’s competitive but at the same time sport connects the world.

Argentinian fans would have visited Jerusalem’s historic sites, perhaps visited Bethlehem. They’d have met and spoken to locals and learned first hand about their lives. They’d have partied, drunk Goldstar or Taybeh and celebrated when they’d inevitably have won.

And most importantly they’d have seen that Israel and Palestine are much more than just a war. We are normal people that want to do normal things like go to concerts or football matches.

War does not define us and if BDS want to make that the case then counterintuitively there will be no end to the war.

My lack of opinion says nothing about what my opinion is. I may be pro-settlement. I may be pro-two-state. I may be anti-occupation. I may be anti-war. I may be liberal or conservative, religious or secular. I may be all or none of the above. If you start calling me out on my opinion then you missed the point of this post.

About the Author
Steven Winston is a 31 year old Scottish Oleh living in Tel Aviv. He is a keen freelance photographer.
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