Cancel your NYT subscription

Y’all catch that Nazi fluff piece in the New York Times?  You know, the one where they profile “neutrally” a white supremacist who calls himself a Nazi and tweets anti-Semitic tropes on a regular basis?  The one that linked a site selling swastika armbands??? 

I personally didn’t read it, nor did I have to cancel my subscription in response to it — the NYT has been dead to me for a long time.  Also dead to me are NPR and all the other media outlets who feel that they need to deal in moral relativism and false equivalence in order to call themselves “neutral,” who for some reason pander to the segment of the population that will never, ever see them as neutral anyway.  Five years ago, I had great respect for these outlets and was a Cornerstone Society member of WABE.

Nowadays I get news mostly from my husband (if you know him you’ll know how insane that is), or from occasional ventures onto Twitter.  I pay for Washington Post because they do a half-decent job of avoiding completely outrageous garbage like this.

But whatever you do, cancel NYT.  This isn’t the NYT’s first offense, as I’m sure some of you know.  Their post-election coverage was even more abysmal than their pre-election “neutrality,” inflating the so-called email scandal above Trump’s daily scandals.  Trump has had NYT in the palm of his hand since his campaign began — almost as if they can’t take his criticism, and seek his appeasement.

But we must take note when, a year after Love Epicly Failed to Trump Hate, the NY-frigging-Times is still normalizing anti-Semitism.  And doubling down on it:

We regret the degree to which the piece offended so many readers. We recognize that people can disagree on how best to tell a disagreeable story. What we think is indisputable, though, is the need to shed more light, not less, on the most extreme corners of American life and the people who inhabit them. That’s what the story, however imperfectly, tried to do.

Indisputable, huh? *Raises hand* I’ll dispute!

Indisputable that we should “shed more light, not less, on the most extreme corners of American life”?  Really?

In a word, no.  Nazis need to go back to their caves, not get more attention and implicit legitimacy ascribed to them by the so-called liberal media, thus moving the goalposts, pushing “extreme” to normal.  And as “extreme” becomes normal, the new extreme emerges.  And then that becomes normal.  And we know what that looks like.  NYT, how can you possibly be so dense?


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Bonnie Levine is an attorney and musician, as well as a wife and mom of a two-year old son and a four-year old daughter. She writes about Jewish spirituality, parenting, and Jewish resistance to the current administration - views are her own and not those of her employer or any organization.