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Passover kashering part 2

OK, I’m now less than a week out and feeling, uh, afflicted. Last week I was on planes four out of five days.  I’m also dealing with some unusual stress following a car accident in January, as well as some minor medical concerns.

Perhaps trying to juggle pre-Passover burdens + life realities puts us in that place of not enough time – eating matza to recall having no time to let bread rise is one thing, but slogging through the two weeks before this Passover has been quite a reenactment of aiming to achieve the impossible.

Since my last update, I have

  • cleaned a giant stone from the yard to use for kashering.
  • attempted to kasher our biggest metal pot using the stone. arguably this wasn’t effective because I didn’t kasher the stove first.
  • soaked some glass cookware in the bathtub (I read that you’re not even allowed to do this with glass cookware but I’m doing it anyway.)
  • thrown away all the chametz in the fridge, as well as all expired non-chametz in the fridge
  • put all the chametz in the freezer on the top shelf

Stuff I still need to do (and have done in some form in the past)

  • run self clean cycle on oven
  • Clean fridge and microwave
  • clean pantry
  • clean cupboards
  • boil metal utensils
  • pour boiling water all over counters and sink
  • tape cabinets
  • Get out the disposable stuff to use during the holiday
  • shopping for more disposable stuff and for some kitchen stuff to replace

Additional stuff I want to do this year

  • cover surfaces (countertops, etc.)
  • handle freezer in some fashion (in the past I’ve marked it “do not use” at best)
  • put the stove grates in the self-cleaning oven
  • accomplish some organizational tasks
  • wait the 24 hours after cleaning the sink to pour the boiling water over it
  • do an actual “search for chametz” – this is probably not happening in the traditional way this year given that I’m away for work from Tuesday until Friday morning

… maybe I’m not *supposed* to feel completely clean and organized even at the end of this process?

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Bonnie Levine is an attorney and musician, as well as a wife and mom of a two-year old son and a four-year old daughter. She writes about Jewish spirituality, parenting, and Jewish resistance to the current administration - views are her own and not those of her employer or any organization.