Please Don’t Burn Israel Anymore

So why does Hamas in Gaza keep sending thousands of incendiary kites and flaming balloons into Israel?

On one hand, they claim a “March of Return” to Israel–even though it’s the Jewish people that were forcibly expelled from just about every country in Europe and the Middle East, and have now returned to their rightful place in the land promised by G-d Almighty to Abraham.

On the other hand, Palestinian terrorists are incessantly trying to burn Israel down, having already destroyed over 2,250 acres including farms, nature preserves, and even schools. This wanton destruction is already equivalent to the size of over 1,700 football fields!

In the process, over 130 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded trying to tear down the border fence, rampage, and kill Israelis–as many as they possibly can.

What difference does it make whether the Palestinians are firebombing us with flaming balloons or Molotov cocktails or they want to drown us in the Mediterranean Sea, as historically they have–murder is murder and when they want to kill us all, isn’t it really our very genocide that they are after.

Unfortunately, this is the same old story where the Palestinians hate Israel and the Jews more than they love the beautiful land of Israel and even their own children, as Prime Minister Golda Meir pointed out already many years ago.

While the Israeli people are making the forests bloom and the deserts recede and developing technology to provide everything from clean water to curing diseases, the Palestinians are unleashing arson kites and missiles to rain down on this beautiful country and people.

Similarly, from Lebanon, in the North, Hezbollah has over 150,000 missiles ready to launch on Israeli cities and citizens.

For someone that truly loves something like the land of Israel, as the Palestinians claim, they don’t seek to destroy it, even if they can’t have it all.

As the famous saying, “If you love something, let it free.”

For Hamas, Hezbollah, and their terrorist sponsors in Iran, they hate more than they love, and they seek to kill more than to heal.

While Israel has repeatedly offered peace even at the expense of unilaterally withdrawing (as from Gaza), giving the Palestinians self-rule (as in areas of the West Bank), and even entertaining the return to a two-State solution and literally sharing the Holy Land with the Palestinians, the answer has repeatedly been a resounding “no”†amidst chants of death to Israel, the burning of the Israeli flag, and handing out candy for successfully murdering Israelis.

While the Palestinians teach their children hatred, the destruction of Israel, and the murder of the Jews, Israel continues to try to find a solution towards peace through integration, citizenship, and self-governance.

Palestinian hatred of us and use of fires, terror tunnels, vehicular homicides, suicide bombers in cafe and pizzerias, knifing and shooting of innocent people in malls, grocery stores and in schools, and sending missiles against the people and land of Israel is not going to solve anything.

Let me just come right out and say it to the terrorists:

“Please stop trying to kill us and destroy the sweet, beautiful land of Israel.”

If you really love the land as you claim, then treat it that way–with respect and absolute love–protect it, safeguard it, and pursue peace and not war.

That is the only way to keep the Holy Land, holy, and move towards an ultimate peace deal; then and only then can we all live under the shade of the beautiful Eucalyptus trees and enjoy the land flowing with abundant milk and honey.

About the Author
Andy Blumenthal is business and technology leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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