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Reflections From The 2018 ROI Summit

Throughout my professional journey in the past decade, moving from non-profits to Government, to private sector, from working with start-ups and entrepreneurs to large corporations, then back to “start-up land”, and above all – building my own business — I have noticed and gathered various insights on today’s world of work and on-demand economy. So, I decided to share some of them with the community.

This time: Reflections from the 2018 ROI Summit


There is a common thought in the business consulting world (which is also backed by research) that the best, biggest, strongest and most enduring businesses all have one thing in common – they “start with why“, as the great Simon Sinek taught us. And, as Sinek claims, what’s true for businesses – is also true for individuals. Since I believe we are all business units in today’s on-demand economy, this is true for us as well, as business units. This means that we are much more likely to achieve what we pursue by becoming mission-driven individuals.

The problem is, this entrepreneurial state-of-mind often comes along with a lot of loneliness, as many known thought leaders openly talk about (such as this Gary Vaynerchuk clip). True, when you “know your why”, there is this internal self-producing mechanism for self-belief, resilience, and energy. However, it does not solve the loneliness challenge.

From the 2018 ROI Summit. Photo by: ROI Community.
From the 2018 ROI Summit. Photo by: ROI Community.

Your Core Community

This is exactly why I believe that knowing your core community is crucial, and being a “smart giver” in that community is imperative (as Adam Grant teaches us). It is not only the right thing to do – it is also what’s smart to do, for the long-term. The individuals in that core community of yours are the people who will not only be your  “friends of benefit“, or “friends of comfort.” Actually, they could be neither.

However, this community of individuals who share the same mission as yourself is exactly where you could find “friends of higher purpose.” You do not have to see them every week, and you do not have to work with them every day. But, they will be there with you in your journey, around the corner. You may not even share the same mission and aspirations with them – but rather the same purpose and values.

When your energies run-out, when your self-belief is fragile, when you feel a bit insecure, and you want those who will not only cheer you up, but also deeply understand you and help you – this is where you go. When you are willing to face objections and rejections, hear others who disagree with you, but share your purpose and desire to discover the truth in order to get to where you all want to get – this is where you go to.

From the 2018 ROI Summit. Photo by: Assaf Luxembourg.
From the 2018 ROI Summit. Photo by: Assaf Luxembourg.

My 2018 ROI Experience

For me, this year’s ROI Summit was exactly that “go home” thing. Although I have been a part of the ROI Community for 10 years already, being a part of this year’s summit was the reminder for me that I am not alone in my journey. That there are others like me all over the world who share the same values and purpose, even if we exercise them differently. That there are others like me that undergo the same experiences, and struggle with similar challenges, even if while doing very different things.

This year’s ROI summit was a reminder for me how important it is to know and have “friends of higher purpose” in our journeys and our lives.

Me, at the 2018 ROI Summit. Photo by: ROI Community.
Me, at the 2018 ROI Summit. Photo by: ROI Community.

Thank You

This is another opportunity for me to show gratitude for the ROI Community and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation for empowering me and supporting me on my journey. I may make whatever I make happen – but they help make it possible.


ROI Summit Tag. Photo by: Assaf Luxembourg.
ROI Summit Tag. Photo by: Assaf Luxembourg.

ROI Community connects dynamic Jewish leaders from around the globe, enabling them to turn their passion into action and shape the future of the Jewish people. ROI Community is an initiative by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. For additional information, see:

The 2018 ROI Summit was held in Jerusalem, June 24-28. For additional information, see:

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