Stop the anti-Semitic attack likely instigated by the US Administration on Trump darling Stephen Miller

There is a massive assault on Stephen Miller in progress: here, here, here, here, for example – the list is almost endless.

He’s blamed as the architect and driving force (and a really nasty person) behind Trump’s outrageous heartless racist zero-tolerance anti-immigrant policy (that I attacked earlier here and here) which lead to snatching babies and young children from their illegal-immigrant parents’ hands, not to be returned to them.

Popular disgust about this inhumanity has forced Trump (a first!) to change the policy by executive order – but on close inspection, not so.

However, the attack on Miller should stop immediately because it’s a typical (European) example of true anti-Semitism with the classical US addition. Even most Jews seem not to have noticed.

Anti-Semitism has declined in the US to levels far below what it was, say 70 years ago. Still, this is a textbook case of Jew-hatred that most likely – but allegedly – originated in or close to the White House!! (There might be no smoking gun yet but there lies the motive and that is what governments traditionally do with their Jewish hostages.) I’ll explain.

I’m not saying that Miller’s called a dirty Jew – many do not even think his Jewishness relevant – but it is prominently mentioned in the attack – his mother’s family escaping pogroms by immigrating to the US.

I’m not saying to have empathy with or heart for Miller – or Jews in general. This attack has nothing to do with him/them. Rather, this is a trick to immobilize popular revolt! Learn the details and understand them so that no authority can get away with murder any longer.

This is how classical European anti-Semitism works:

  • Jews, set aside by the population, are elevated to supposedly “powerful” but really only visible positions in the government. Collection money or speaking for it are good examples.
  • They cooperate desperately on the promise to get protection for all Jews although they understand that it’s only temporarily. Better some than none. They’re held hostage (see: here, here)!
  • Jews’ “privileges” are often not from privilege but from a frantic attempt to survive anti-Semitism collectively. (Don’t blame the victim!)
  • Then, when there is a giant attack on the authorities, the really powerful let loose an anti-Semitic attack on the “powerful” Jews. It spreads quickly. The population cools its anger on the Jews and the really powerful stay safely out of sight.
  • A classical US addition is to especially blame institutional racism on “powerful” Jews, to play powerless Blacks, Hispanics and Jews against each other.
  • The remedy is to free the Jews from the stranglehold! Make it safe for all Jews and they will all work tirelessly and selflessly against all oppressions and never collude again with any oppressive force. Try this and see for yourself!

This is almost entirely unknown to the Left (from Bernie Saunders to Jeremy Corbyn to Intersectionals) who attack Israel as if it’s the world’s leading capitalist state not made powerless by global hatred.

No, Trump is not the unbeatable friend of the Jews (as I’ve pointed out before here). He sweet-talks them until he needs them as a scapegoat.

Therefore it is most important to:

  • Not attack Jews in the administration,
  • Not call them powerful (while they are actually held captive),
  • Not call them nasty (you would be nasty too if it happened to you),
  • But rather free them from their kidnappers (don’t let the true powers-that-be off the hook and embrace all Jews no matter what,
  • Plus, don’t blame institutionalized racism on Jews, because this drives a wedge between natural allies, as I mentioned before.
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DES survivor born in 1953, to two Holocaust survivors in The Netherlands, and holds a BA in medicine. He taught Re-evaluation Co-counseling, became a social activist, became religious, made Aliyah, and raised three kids. Wrote an unpublished tome about Jewish Free Will. For decades known to the Jerusalem Post readers as a frequent letter writer. Always trying to bring something original, and to avoid boring you or wasting your time with the obvious.
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