The Zionist’s Guide To The World Cup — Day 17

Argentina has given the Zionist Guide more consternation than any other country during this World Cup cycle.  First, they scheduled the friendly with Israel, then cancelled it due to political pressures from various quarters.  We stuck with them in yesterday’s rankings, but this drew objections that their ranking was too high at kiddish this morning.  The assassination of Ricardo Nisman, in particular, was cited in the discussion.  Well, compliments of the French, the debate about Argentina can thankfully end.

Uruguay knocked off the Portuguese side, so the team with the higher ZGWC ranking prevailed.  Luis Suarez did not need to bite anybody, but La Celeste did give up their first goal of 2018.  They will meet up with the Froggies in the quarterfinals and will be favored squad in that match-up — at least on this blob page.

Tomorrow’s match-ups feature Spain vs. Russia and Croatia vs. Denmark.

This will be hard, but if we stick with our rankings, Russia will have to be cheered on to beat the Spaniards.  The Spanish team has likable, elegant players, but the urge to root for them will have to be cast to the floor in favor of the Borscht Eaters. I suspect that few readers of this blog (given that there are few readers of this blog to begin with, the foregoing clause probably has no significance whatsoever) relish the opportunity to root for Russia over Spain.  What is to be done?

Likewise, it will be difficult to pull for the Croatians over the Danes, but it also must be done.  The Croatians have supported Israel in recent votes in the UN where the Danes have lined up with Israel’s staunchest critics.  The two are close in yesterday’s ranking, but Croatia eighth place rankings beats out Denmark at number 10.

Enjoy. If you can.

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Doug Klein is an attorney in Chicago and the wrestling coach at Ida Crown Jewish Academy.
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